by Josh

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Yes, the blood is real and yes, the model  was 18 when these photos were taken.


  1. Kakistos on 09.08.2009

    Wow O_O I wonder where the blood is from, by real do you mean human blood or animal blood?

  2. Josh on 09.08.2009

    By real I mean it’s his blood ;)

  3. kinkynik on 10.03.2009

    Why ?

  4. Archie on 10.28.2009

    he is wonderful!

  5. finger11 on 11.03.2009

    Stunning :)

  6. jay on 11.13.2009

    wow, i would hate to be 18 and still have a ‘little boys dick’ like this? and I’m not sure if I would allow someone to shove that ‘chaqin of balls’ into my Urethra.

  7. What? on 11.13.2009

    How is this a little boys’ dick oO He has like 19 cm (7,5″ for people using antic measurement) hard — which is WAY more than the American average AFAIK -_-

  8. Rob on 11.18.2009

    Studying the photo closely…he appears…just to have been studded all over. The image is quite ‘artistic’ really, if one considers Jackson Pollock mixed with bloody-painterly Renaissance renditions of St. Sebastian of old, punctured with arrows who features in numerous painting and sculpture through out the ages? Looks so sad, doesn’t he, with all the trials and tribulations ‘competitive youth culture’ demands must be experienced? I’m confident he will grow out of it soon! (I wonder what his mother things?)

  9. Josh on 11.18.2009

    Rob, I’m pretty sure that he won’t “grow out of it”, he might have just found the style that suits him. And I’m absolutely sure that he doesn’t give a shit about what his mother thinks ;)

  10. Jennifer on 11.05.2011

    that is no little boy’s dick, its uncircumcised, yes, but, it is a very nice penis. Not to mention the young man attached to it.

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