by Josh

This is the Buckley Family. The children’s names were Susan &John. As a Halloween joke, the kids in the neighborhood were going to get a dummy & pretend to chop its head off. The Buckley children thought it would be hilarious to actually kill their mum, so when the kids walked up the door they got an axe and slaughtered her. Once everyone figured out what they had done, they called the police, but the kids were long gone by then. The only picture of them was this photo, taken by a trick or treater. The mothers body was found half eaten.


  1. Niki on 06.20.2010

    O.O Like, wow.

  2. Berrie on 06.20.2010

  3. Josh on 06.20.2010

    That’s why it’s in the “Myths” category ;)

  4. Berrie on 06.20.2010

    lul. I didn’t mean to come off as a killjoy; I like this blog. :D

  5. jesus on 01.24.2011

    guyz cmon thats not nice lol

  6. Unknown on 01.29.2011

    Loool!!! The photo looks like it was edited… Look at the head and the boy’s hand it’s so unreal. And do you think that they can picture themselves, no right? So there should be another person who can help them to take that picture and that person should be freaking out knowing that those kids murdered their mother right??? Pshhhhh!! Totaly fake lol!

  7. Neste on 02.21.2012

    О_о ужас

  8. Crystin Segura on 05.07.2012

    bitch titts, that is all.

  9. Evelyn on 05.19.2012

    Bad photoshop. Blurred head, no blood on the ax, that neck looks totally unreal. Also, their “mother” looks like a man.
    Pretty stupid story. It was probably written by a 13-year-old.
    Seriously people, at least try to photoshop the picture well.

  10. Buckley descendant on 06.24.2012

    Those could be my ancestors

  11. Sasha on 09.28.2012

    If this was true the body would be limp… which it clearly isn’t. Now the question is why does the girl have an axe in her hand? That doesn’t look photoshopped to me.

  12. FuxUp on 09.29.2012

    It’s under “myths” as someone pointed out silly sillies. It’s just for fun. Appreciate the dark urban legends that are made up :]

  13. Emiliy on 09.29.2012

    omb that axe looks like it was drawed

  14. chloe on 09.29.2012

    This artist created the picture http://www.changingportraits.com/mmud.htm

  15. Jess on 10.08.2012

    Sasha said that it can’t be real on the basis that the body’s not limp. Incorrect. Now, I don’t know how real or fake this is, but the Victorians were really into post mortem photographs. They made their dead look real for a photograph before burying them; a lasting memory of them if you like. So… Even though we don’t know how real this is, even if it were, the limp body wouldn’t necessarily be a problem.

  16. cynthia on 03.01.2013

    If you read on Pinterest. They had a trick or treater take the pic for them.

  17. Kaylee on 05.06.2013

    The damned description even says “Taken by a trick or treater” I mean do some of you people even read the description on things?

    It’s literally like you guys just looked at the picture and went to the comments with “OH SO FAKE [insert reason here]”

    Not to say it’s not fake, as it all well could be, but please, try NOT to be the bane of any intellect or common sense.

  18. Stephanie on 05.09.2013

    It’s fake…check out this website. This was created by an artist who is into changing pictures…much like the ones on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World. http://www.changingportraits.com/mmud.htm

  19. Wolfgang on 05.13.2013

    Cameras were owned by professional photographers during that time period, they were big and bulky and not very portable. I highly doubt trick or treaters would be carrying around a piece of equipment that probably cost more than their parents earned in 2 or 3 years.
    Also the wound is too clean and neat. In order to have a wound that clean it would have had to be made in one cut. Making it with a hatchet would be impossible for an adult much less a child. There would also be a large amount of blood everywhere!

  20. Jerrold on 06.15.2013

    Who would have brought a camera with them back then?

  21. scott on 06.28.2013

    People are so gullible. Just goes to show, common sense is not common at all.

  22. Tammy on 07.10.2013

    visit Snopes.com – this is totally false – http://www.snopes.com/photos/gruesome/halloween.asp

  23. Dontworryboutit on 07.15.2013

    Did no one see this was filed under “myths” before commenting?

  24. A Person on 07.15.2013

    -_- people chill… Idc if y’all think this is photoshopped or not cuz it’s clearly a myth on a myth website .it’s really stupid for you all to be insulting people cuz they believed it. Smh.people these days…

  25. crystal burke on 07.28.2013

    Its a doctored picture….I researched its a fake.

  26. Stephanie Buckley on 10.13.2013

    Thank God it’s fake :o)

  27. leeTheImpaler on 10.15.2013

    i agree with all those against people who are busy telling us that this is fake and
    that is photoshoped and even coming with some useless logic behind everything. THIS IS A MYTH PEOPLE. first go find what myth means and then come back to this site and read and have fun.

  28. jmotosuwa on 10.19.2013

    I researched about that Buckley family.
    It says it was a real photo. O.o

  29. Poop on 12.05.2013

    This is a painting. The backstory on the Buckleys isn’t real.

  30. Me on 01.29.2014

    This photo was drawn by an artist

  31. robyn on 03.05.2014

    The photo is not real. It’s not even a photo. It’s was a painting inspired by this story. The guy who painted this specialises in old looking painting.

  32. Smart girl on 09.25.2014

    Of course fake….how lil kids you know carry a big ol coal flash camera in that Era trick or treating lol duh

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